About QuirkyColors


Welcome to my very first blog. My name is Janine and my titles range from creative clutter-bug, hobby artist to student Mechanical Engineering and feline food-dispenser. Oh, and I loooove colors! :D 


Why Blog?

I have a lot of interests, especially in the creative direction.

Writing, drawing, making up ideas for the next craft project that will probably end up in the 'I'll-finish-this-someday-drawer' (which totally has spread out to the entire closet..) and trying all kinds of new crafts.

It seemed fun to try and share some of the tips, ideas and sometimes failed attempts with the fellow artistically inclined.
And thus, in the spur of the moment, I've decided to start this blog in November 2016.

Other than my random outbursts of creativity, I enjoy basketball and I just started running. I also have this special skill called 'staring into nothing' AKA daydreaming, and I occasionally run rampant in the DIY department.  :)


What is the QuirkyColors blog about?

I plan to blog about all kinds of creative projects, art-materials, random tips and tricks, utter failures and bad ideas, as well as inspirations and tutorials. I'll hope you'll enjoy them!

I love comments and ideas, and will do my best to reply. :)


kind regards, J.