First Post!

Welcome to QuirkyColors!

This is the very first post, yay!

While I was staring at the white screen, wondering what to type, it occured to me that I've had this sensation millions of times before, when starting a drawing.
The fear of messing up, wasting materials, and ending up with a less than mediocre artwork in the end...

And guess what? That's still better than just an empty page!

And those materials aren't even that expensive, so.. Shoo perfectionism! Go stand in the hallway!


I'm a hobby artists, and have loved drawing since I was a child. During the past few years I've added writing, painting (both watercolor and acrylic) and crafting to the mix. I love experimenting, coming up with various projects and testing out new materials. I suppose I love creating stuff, whether physical or in my head. More than all of the above, I love colors. 

Most creative people seem to be outside the 'normal', or as I like to affectionately call it; Quirky. No reason to stay inside boxes when you can have fun instead, (and use them to craft stuff!)

Which basically is the reason for the blog name: QuirkyColors.


I hope to have to have the first informative post up soon, see you then! Happy reading and creating! :)